Tuesday, December 20, 2011


I'm a 35-year-old midwest born, pacific northwest raised, college dropout, retired waitress, wife and mother.

I enjoy dropping my kids of at school, creating homo-erotic code names for the places my husband patronizes in our checkbook and imagining I'm Gus Fring while completing mundane mommy tasks and other crap.

I have an aversion to silence, so I wind up seeing a lot of tv.  I will watch absolutely anything filmed in New Jersey, as well as anything on Bravo that isn't about food.  What's with all the food?  I seem incapable of not watching Goodfellas or The Big Bang Theory when given the opportunity.  I don't watch anything with immunity or a rose ceremony.

I'm a moderate Republican and one of my kids has autism.  It comes up.  I'm a rich, white male and anti-vax sympathizer, respectively (and ferociously).

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